I recently had to purchase Medicare plan in a hurry. I worked with Kimberly Ross at iHealthBrokers Medicare Advisors, and she made it so easy! She was competent, gracious, and had a great sense of humor! I had decided on a plan, but she kept looking and found one that saved me an additional $1000/year! I would highly recommend this company for any of your health insurances! Jaydine
Jaydine Munsey, Glendale, Arizona
My experience with Jesse was professional, helpful, very knowledgeable and a HUGE time saver. I feel like he listened to what my needs and concerns were and found me the best plan out there. His guidance was excellent and the whole interaction was pleasant and easy. How many people can say that when shopping for health insurance?
Thanks, Jesse!
Dara Wittenberg, Delray Beach, Florida
iHealthBrokers Medicare Advisers, worked hard to find me options for health insurance as a self-employed person. Jesse is very easy to work with. He kept after me to meet deadlines, even when I didn’t!
Donna McElrath, Cazabba, Inc.
Jesse is always available for questions and is a tremendous reference in all areas of Insurance. And with an amazing disposition!
Tracey Broadman, Windemere Properties
iHealth gave me good advice, they are always giving me a call to help me follow up with the process, it was very easy for me to make a decision with their help. Thank you!!!
Rodolfo Moreno, Craftech Stone Design
Jesse was thorough and detailed with his insurance proposal, which offered more value and lower cost than any competitor.
John Stringfellow, Goldleaf Financial Solutions
I contacted the firm to obtain quotes and information on a Medigap policy upon retirement.
Kimberly quickly got in touch with me, expalined the differences in the various policies available, obtained quotes from the insurance companies that I was interested in, and helped me through the application process. It was quick and easy and I would recommend this company to anyone searching for a supplemental medicare insurance plan.
Maureen Lawton, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
Seeking to purchase Medicare supplement insurance. Kimberly was outstanding on a couple fronts. Very low key and friendly. Most importantly of all, clearly competent and experienced with the maze that is Medicare. In our case my wife needed to purchase an initial supplemental insurance and I wanted to change plans (from F to G.) Kimberly was very knowledgeable about my situation in particular and made the whole experience simple and stress free.
Kevin Oconnor, Black Mountain, North Carolina
They dealt with ACA for us and arranged for a great health insurance policy for our daughter’s family of four. Kimberly and associates are great to work with and so very knowledgable in what they do. They did in a few days what would have taken me months to figure out! The very best!
Diane Wright, Fuquay Varina, North Carolina
Had to renew health insurance. Once again, Jesse Smedley’s agency found us excellent health coverage and a better price than anyone else!!! Second year of savings!!!
Marjorie J Csipo, Baldwin, Maryland
Determine my best health care insurance options. I talked to Kimberly Ross and she was fantastic. She clearly knows her stuff; the crazy health insurance world. She explained everything clearly and the processes involved for my options. Kimberly did what was best for me, unlike several other insurance brokers I talked to over the last month. I highly recommend Kimberly.
James Seaba, Naples, Florida
To buy insurance for my son who lives in the US. I do not. 1.Sitting in India and being an Indian, I remained terribly confused about the American Medical Insurance plans, let alone open enrolment.
2.I was looking to buy insurance for my son who is in the US.
3.In looking for a broker, and there were too many, I needed a secure(?) , trusted site. I decided to subscribe to Angie’s.
4. saw the ratings for iHealtbrokers. Wrote to them. Promptly got a response from Jesse. Promptly got my all my queries answered by Jesse. Despite the ten and half hour time gap.
5.I have what I was looking for I think. It was a seamless experience.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Sonya Khan, New York, New York
I had been dropped by my health insurance and needed new insurance. Kimberly Ross was fantastic, she found something that would work for me right away. She returned all my calls promptly and was very professional yet incredibly friendly. It went extremely well. As I mentioned above Kimberly was prompt professional and friendly. She probably saved me a dozen hours trying to do this on my own. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
Anne Greene, Omaha, Nebraska
iHealthBrokers was “Johnny on the Spot” to help me get medical insurance coverage for my daughter. She became unemployed a while back and her COBRA policy had run out. A year ago she had bariatric surgery, lost over 100 lbs, and concurred her depression. The problem is that no one would insure her because of that very successful procedure. I had a previous broker tell me tough luck. iHealthBrokers Medicare Advisors found coverage for her for only $50/month. I am very pleased with their service and would recommend them to anyone.
Robert Bromm, Simsonville, South Carolina
iHealthBrokers Medicare Advisors are able to do what the larger health insurance firms continue to fail to do, which is to provide great health insurance plans for individuals and small businesses, that are accepted almost everywhere, at an incredibly reasonable cost. What more do I need to say?
Michael Argentini, Mezzocode, LLC
iHealthBrokers was there for us! They walked us through the process and made sure we had exactly what we needed. They were on top of the entire process and were not satisfied until we were. They went above and beyond to work with our needs and found us the exact coverage we needed and made it easy to obtain!
Tim Chavez, SacScrappers916
Finding health insurance as a self-employed couple has never been a fun and enjoyable task for us. However, working with Jesse Smedley changed all that. Mike and I had a nightmare experience with our previous insurance and had only been with that company for a month when we knew we needed to make a change. Disappointed, nervous, and obviously clueless, we began to research what insurance would be best for our family. It felt like we had to learn a second language in a week. Enter Jesse…. he patiently explained all the different options to us, made a recommendation based on what he knew of our situation, and then stayed on top of the transition between our old provider and the new one. Needless to say, it was a seamless transition and we knew we had made a good decision. Our 8 month old needed surgery within a few months of changing insurance companies and with Jesse’s help, we were able to plan accordingly. We highly recommend Jesse and the Smedley Insurance Group. If you want someone to care for your family, as if his own, Jesse’s your guy.
Karen Nowicki, Gilbert, Arizona
I was new to the area and knew no one so I started my search for new health insurance on-line. The first site was useless after filling out an app, sending 2 emails and leaving a phone message. So I went back on-line to iHealthBrokers.com, filled out a simple form and got a call within 10 minutes, a quote with 4 reasonable options in 15 minutes, able to answer all my penetrating questions 15 minutes later along with insightful advice. By the end of the day I had my interview with the underwriter and a pretty sweet health insurance policy. I highly recommend this very knowledgeable broker!
Cathy Lederer, Surprise, Arizona
When I needed medical insurance for my son Jesse did everything he could to find me the best insurance to fit my needs and budget. Jesse was always very professional and responded promptly to all my calls and e-mails. Also, I appreciated that he would call just to check to see if I needed anything months later. In fact I was having difficulty getting the insurance company to send me medical cards and with a couple days he had an answer for me. Thanks Jesse!
Sonia Kalloch, Tucson, Arizona
I recently had a great experience that I want to share. I had been putting off getting insurance because I figured it would be very time consuming and a big hassle. Finally, I decided I could wait no longer and was put in touch with Jesse Smedley. Within a very small period of time Jesse was able to recommend a plan that is a perfect fit for my needs and was able to explain the policy to me clearly even though I am completely health insurance-illiterate! For those of you that do not have health insurance, I strongly recommend that you give Jesse Smedley a call!
Rebecca McLarkey, Keller Williams East Valley
iHealthBrokers Medicare Advisors did a great job at finding me inexpensive but great health care coverage. They kept in contact with me and did everything they said they would do. They gave me several options to choose from and were very helpful in helping me choose the best. They are honest and have great integrity.
Mitchell Ellis, Camp Verde, Arizona
Finding the right insurance provider isn’t on my list of ‘fun things to do!’ Jesse walked me through the entire process, obtained quotes, provided coverage detail, and helped make the decision easier. He has a passion for what he does and this industry, (let’s face it)…that’s rare!!!! I HIGHLY recommend him!!!
Cariann Arkowski, Walls of Distinction
My health insurance rate was rising to prices out of my budget. And I had only 1 small claim from my previous insurance company in 7 years! I got in contact with Jesse and he got back to me very quickly with some different options and some great rates and I had a new insurance company with a much lower rate in 1 day. Thanks Jesse
Art Freund, Scottsdale, Arizona
Jesse Smedley has been my health insurance broker for several years. He is very knowledgeable about health insurance and what each individual or family needs to acquire the best and most cost effective health insurance plan. Moreover, Jesse takes the time to explain everything in a very understandable way so you can make the best decision for you and your family. He has always gone above and beyond when it comes to gathering information, answering my questions, and providing the experience and expertise I’ve needed over the years. I would highly recommend Jesse Smedley to anyone seeking an independent, experienced heath insurance broker, especially in these time of changing and uncertain health care insurance issues.
Charles D Samaras, Pinehurst, North Carolina
After being declined for one health insurance plan I was told by several friends that using a broker was the best way to find an Individual plan. I found iHealthBrokers and Jesse through an online search and I’m so glad I did. He assured me that he would help my husband and I find a plan that would work for us. He explained that one company rejecting us would not mean we couldn’t qualify for another plan. He walked us through the process and helped us get approved for the best plan available to us. He put me at ease throughout the process. Thanks Jesse!
Heather K. Powers, HKPowerStudio
Jesse has been assisting my family for the last year and a half. The broker that I had before was helpful but Jesse goes the extra mile by checking our hospital bills and providing wisdom in this ever-changing health insurance industry. He has not only saved us money but has allowed us to trust in our health insurance plans, something that never happened before. Thank You for all that you do!!
Will Sullivan, Sullivan Performace
Looking for quality and affordable medical coverage for my family was a frustrating and tedious task until I started working with Joyce Moore. The complexities of this business require a professional familiar with the territory. Joyce’s knowledgeable insight, along with her friendly manner, made a seemingly impossible task not only less intimidating, but almost enjoyable! She researched and proposed a number of options that fit my strict parameters. My role was reduced to picking the best one. If you are looking for specific coverage and can’t find what you need on your own, I highly recommend contacting Joyce Moore and using her as your healthcare advocate.
Kurt Volkmann, Bellingham, Washington
Jesse was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did he find us very affordable health insurance, but he found us dental too! He communicated with both myself and my husband throughout every step of the process. Once we did the paperwork on our end he got the ball rolling right away. This was an extremely easy process with quality service, we are very happy. Jesse also caught a mistake on the Insurance Companies end right away, that could have been a costly one. He’s on it! We highly recommend Jesse to anyone that is looking for affordable health insurance. I don’t think he could do anything to make this process any easier. Awesome customer service, thanks for everything Jesse!!!
Mike Sweeney, Absolute Controls
iHealthBrokers Medicare Advisors Rocks!!!! They were helpful, respectful and to the point. We will work with iHealth any chance we got again.
Diana Prieto, Scottsdale, Arizona
iHealthBrokers Medicare Advisors were very helpful and informed about my health insurance needs. They let me know that my current health insurance would more than double at the end of the month. They were able to go over options with me, and we were able to choose another plan that fit my needs and was affordable, thank you for your help!
Rodney Leesberg, Frame by Frame, LLC.
As an interior designer, anything having to do with health insurance might as well be in a foreign language! iHealth’s expertise made the process quite painless (and understandable). I highly recommend iHealthBrokers Medicare Advisors to anyone needing someone they can trust to help them with their insurance needs.
Judith Carter, Spaces Interior Design
When faced with needing health care options in between very expensive coverage and waiting for my medicare iHealthBrokers worked very quickly to find me the right coverage for my needs. They were available when I needed them and were very professional. I would recommend iHealthBrokers Medicare Advisors to any one looking for insurance. Thank you!
RayLynn Berry, Hesperus, Colorado
I recently was in the market for a new heath insurance policy. Working with iHealthBrokers, we found the right policy at the right price. They gave me many quotes to choose from and were very highly involved through the whole process. They were always there to answer any questions I had. They are very professional and very personable. Cheers to making this the most stress free process possible.
Lee Stanbro, Phoenix, Arizona
Our move from Georgia to California to Costa Rica left us scrambling for new health insurance. Not a fun task. Enter Jesse. What a life saver! He is professional and prompt. And as an added bonus, he’s has a great sense of humor. We will be using Jesse for all our future insurance needs. Thanks Jesse, you rock!!
Anne Staiano, Tamarindo, Costa Rica
When I had found out the insurance for my fiance and daughter was going to go up above 500+ dollars per month for a company who wouldn’t pay anything, I knew it was time for new insurance. I hopped online and happened to find iHealthBrokers Medicare Advisors. I have never had to search for insurance before, so I was practically clueless as to what I wanted, needed, or even what to look for in an insurance policy. They practically did all of the work for me. They explained every detail, pro’s and con’s, and made sure literally every question I had was answered. They took the time to make sure I understood what I was getting, why I was getting it, and the quality of the product. I was so pleased with what they found and how budget conscious they were, I have already referred them to 2 people! iHealthBrokers.com really made this so easy, stress-free, and one hundred percent understandable.
Erin Joyner, Mesa, Arizona
Jesse Smedley is hands down the BEST insurance agent! He takes the complication out of looking for health insurance. I will recommend him over and over again. Thanks!
Stephanie Hardle, Prestige Custom Tile
I was putting off getting insurance, as I was over whelmed with the choices….Jesse made it easy…..I highly recommend him!! Very professional!!!
Robin MacPherson, Gilbert, Arizona
Jesse was extremely professional and always consistent. With a thorough knowledge of the products I was inquiring about, it was very easy to work with Jesse. I have, and will continue, to recommend his services to friends and family.
Rebecca Essex, M&C Community Dental Care
When my carrier dropped coverage of all individual health insurance customers, I was presented with an option that would have increased my cost 20%. Jesse used his expertise and knowledge of the health insurance industry to provide me with options that were affordable, and would see me through until I am eligible for Medicare. It was a tremendous relief to me to have these options, and to know that Jesse would be available to provide excellent professional assistance if my situation changes.
Andy Janovsky, Dayton, Ohio
I first contacted Jesse Smedley when my family was looking for an affordable health insurance provider. Jesse spent considerable time with us to explain our options and he made our enrollment easier by taking care of much of the paperwork on his side. In each every situation when we had a billing issue Jesse would promptly reach out to us to help resolve the matter with the doctor’s office or the insurance provider. I would highly recommended Jesse Smedley based on what I have known about his competence as a professional and his outstanding customer service.
George Thomas, Mesa, Arizona
Jesse did an outstanding job finding me insurance coverage after my COBRA had terminated. It did not take me long to realize that I could trust his advice. Jesse is very knowledgeable and has a great deal of patience. He is always prompt in replying to his emails or phone calls. I will continue to recommend him in the future.
Diane Williams, Eloy, Arizona
Jesse Smedley is amazing!!! Having recently moved from Georgia to Virginia, I found my long-term health insurance (through Kaiser Permanente) would not be available in my new location. Jesse walked me through the process of finding appropriate coverage elsewhere and took as much time as necessary to answer all my questions thoroughly, explaining in detail the various options, pro’s and con’s, etc. Jesse is very responsive and completely professional … but fun, too. 😉 I will get dental coverage through him also and intend to keep Jesse as my personal insurance professional forever! Thanks for everything, Jesse!!! 🙂
Judy Bourke, Richmond, Virginia
iHealthBrokers.com was a great help in our search for a good, affordable Major Medical health plan for my wife. They listened carefully to our needs, asked pertinent questions to narrow the many options, did research into what was available, and presented and thoroughly explained the plans which met our coverage and budgetary guidelines. Once a plan was selected, iHealth assisted with the application process, and diligently followed up with the carrier throughout the acceptance procedure. We recommend using iHealthBrokers Medicare Advisers as your health insurance adviser.
Robert Rehborn, Boulder, Colorado

iHealthBrokers Medicare Advisors work hard to maintain our insurance company reviews. We make sure each client receives the attention they need to make an informed decision on their health insurance purchase. Our brokers stick with clients throughout the life of the policy and are always available to help answer questions about open enrollment, subsidies, claims, rate increases, doctor and network issues and much more. At renewal time, expect a call, because annual reviews are just a small portion of the excellent customer service we provide at iHealthBrokers.com.

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